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to have given the eldest to this King of Spain6, and the Duke7 was to have had the Parmesan princess8; so that now he would have had Parma and Placentia, joined to Modena, Eeggio, Mirandola, and Massa. But there heing a Prince of Asturias9, the old Duke Kinaldo broke off the match, and said his daughter's children should not be younger brothers: and so they mope old virgins.
I am going from hence to Venice, in a fright lest there be a war with France, and then I must drag myself through Germany. We have had an imperfect account of a sea-fight in America10; but we are so out of the way, that one can't be sure of it. Which way soever I return, I shall be soon in England, and there you will find me again
As much as ever yours,
41.    To HOEACE MANN1.
Calais, and Friday, and here I have been these two days, 1741.
Is the wind laid? Shall I never get aboard? I came here on Wednesday night, but found a tempest that has
letters  to  Sir Horace Mann runs thus:—
' The following collection of letters, written very carelessly by a young man, had been preserved by the person to 'whom they were addressed. The Author, some years after the date of the first, borrowed them, on account of some anecdotes interspersed. On the perusal, among many trifling relations and stories, which were only of consequence or amusing to the two persons concerned in the correspondence, he found some facts, characters, and news, which, though below the dignity of History, might prove entertaining to many other people : and knowing how much pleasure, not only himself, but many other
o Philip V.
7  Francis, Duke of Modena.
8  Elizabeth Farnese (d. 1766), only child of Odoardo Farnese, Prince of Parma; m. (1714), as his second wife, Philip V, King of Spain.
9  Louis, eldest son of Philip V of Spain, by his first wife ;  reigned as Louis I from 1724 (his father abdicating in his favour) until his death (1725), when his father resumed the crown.
10  Admiral Vernon and General Wentworth attacked Carthagena on March 4, but were obliged to withdraw in April with great loss, having only demolished some outlying fortifications.
LETTER 41.—a The Advertisement prefixed by Horace Walpole to his
H   2